Financial Planning

Financial Planning has always been a core emphasis at Halleran Financial Group.  Our belief is that good planning provides a vital framework for sound decision making over time and an effective tool for measuring the progress toward one's goals.  It helps guide client asset allocation, investment and risk management decisions on an ongoing basis.  A regularly maintained plan helps guide individual and institutional investors through difficult and uncertain economic and market periods.  In this way, we feel that it is critical to help investors with the amount of perseverance often needed to extract the long term outcomes that they are seeking. 

It has been my fundamental belief in the value of formal planning that has guided the way I have built the services and professional roles at Halleran Financial Group

-John Halleran


HFG Financial Planning Process and Services

Our Financial planning format is constructed to maintain our clients' financial plans on an ongoing basis as their lives, priorities and planning needs change. 

These planning services include but are not limited to:

  • Retirement Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tax Scenario Planning
  • Business Succession Analysis and Planning
  • Estate Scenario Planning
  • Individual, Family and Institutional Risk Assessment and Management
  • Estate Planning and Risk Analysis
  • Education Planning
  • Investment Policy Statement Composition and Maintenance

Leveraging Cutting Edge Technology

Halleran Financial Group has invested in personnel, software and resources to deliver the value of planning to our clients in what we feel is an optimized model of talent and technology. We provide a secure online location where planning work is updated and saved for our clients' convenient access and viewing at any time. Our technological tools also provide the following:           

  • Dynamic account aggregation so that our clients can monitor all of their accounts and assets in one easy to understand location regardless of where they may be domiciled including active retirement plans.
  • Dynamic net worth calculation to help monitor and advise estate planning strategy.
  • Daily monitoring of individual securities as well as overall asset allocation and risk management.
  • A library of credit, saving, planning and other tutorials for ongoing, impactful education.
  • Integrated insurance and risk summary.
  • Integrated contact to our office to collaborate in real time.

All technology, however powerful, is limited in its impact if not supported by an experienced team of Specialist. Halleran Financial Group has been guiding investors through the entire financial planning process for nearly three decades. Please ask any member of our team for more information on our planning tools and services. 

*Financial planning offered through LPL Financial.