Welcome to Halleran Financial Group


In Halleran Financial Group, I have built the company that I would hire to work for me. Over the last three decades, I have watched the industry change in ways that I never imagined. Many advisor-based firms have converted their financial advisors into “relationship managers” who have little or nothing to do with research, security selection and ongoing risk management. They have moved to a home office or outsourcing model where this work is done by distant sources or third-party vendors whose strategies, in my view, are simplified, homogenized and lack any real connection to the unique needs and goals of the investor. In many cases, we find that the addition of third parties also increases investor expense

As I have watched this model proliferate among a majority of firms in the industry, I have asked: If the advisor is not doing the work the investor expects of them, what exactly is their role and what is it that they are being paid to do? I can attest to this change in the marketplace first hand as I have been advised on multiple occasions to make this shift to becoming a relationship manager myself. The discount models in the industry have also changed, professing relationship based structures and value in “artificial intelligence.” My view is that personally accountable relationships are absent in these structures and the resulting investment models are canned and lack sophistication. At HFG, we believe in real relationships and actual intelligence: we think you deserve both. I could not have imagined that seeking to hire the best people, using the best technology and accessing top research would become archaic in my industry, but I feel that it has.

In 2007, I committed to building my own firm with advisor responsibility and accountability at its core. My belief is that a combination of the right people and technology can deliver above-average outcomes that are risk efficient, tax efficient and cost efficient for investors. This is who we are. I welcome your interest in HFG and encourage you to join us on a journey outside of today’s disconnected and impersonal world of investment guidance. Join us on a connected, accountable journey that will be uniquely yours.


John Halleran