The Halleran Financial Group Investment Process

Halleran Financial Group (HFG) employs a formal process in the creation and ongoing maintenance of client asset allocation models and portfolios. Where many firms outsource asset allocation and security selection to third parties, HFG is built on the belief that investors expect and deserve to work with advisors that do this work themselves.  In a world that is shifting towards artificial intelligence, HFG believes that investors deserve actual intelligence

The HFG research process is based on a framework John Halleran developed early in his career. This process is in a state of constant review and adaptation as the HFG investment committee's mission is to continually seek its improvement. This mandate springs from the HFG belief that the pursuit of an optimal outcome is a journey of continual improvement, not one with an absolute and enduring destination. The following document describes our process. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about it and how, among many things, it differentiates the Halleran Financial Group investor experience.