Rose Fuentes

Senior Client Service Associate

Rose Fuentes holds the position of Senior Client Service Associate at Halleran Financial Group.  Rose works closely with Jeffrey Pum in providing branch operational support.  She also oversees the HFG calendar for the entire team and helps coordinate client communications.  Rose has extensive experience in the finance and banking industry.  She worked for JPMorgan Chase Bank for over 30 years where she had a US government clearance and worked in the Public Sector/Treasury Services department.  In this role, Rose facilitated account funding and transfer of funds from the US Federal Reserve to accounts around the world for entities like the US Airforce, US Navy, IRS and CIS, among others.  Rose lives in Chili with her husband, Joseph.  They enjoy music and art festivals and spending time bike riding on the Erie Canal path.

Phone (585) 383-8220
Fax (585) 383-1225